A Rustic Activity

When you arrive, our instructors will teach you all you need to know to get started, including range safety and basic weapons handling techniques. After being provided with an assortment of different axes and knives, it’s time to practice!

As you progress, you will be given advice about grip, rotation, force, and distance, all of which are key to improving your abilities. Once you’re ready, it’s time to choose your favourite weapon, pick one of our many games and competitions, and put your skills to the test!

On The Range

Challenges await on our 12-15’ throwing range! Our real cedar tree stumps are soft and satisfying, making them an excellent choice for honing your skills and trying new techniques. Afterwards, rack up the points on one of our WATL competition-style targets!

But what is a range without a collection of weapons to go with it? Our armoury contains a wide and ever-expanding variety of axes and knives, including kunai, double-headed axes, and league-style hatchets. With so many to choose from, everyone will find a favourite!

If you decide to bring your own throwing weapons, remember to check our FAQ page for equipment limitations first.

Let The Axes Fly

Bookings are run hourly, and are a minimum of one hour in duration.

Throwing is appropriate for ages 12+.

Price is $18.00 + HST per person, per hour.