Personal Equipment

Can I bring my own equipment?

Absolutely! Just check the equipment restrictions below to make sure that it is safe for use on our range.

What are the current equipment restrictions?


Can I bring a gun or a crossbow?

No. Check the equipment restrictions above for more information.

I just got this new bow. Will you help me set it up?

Yes! Just bring it in during your booking or during our walk-in hours, and our staff will show you how to set it up.

My equipment appears to be broken. Can you fix it?

It depends on what is wrong with your equipment. Our staff can conduct repairs such as arrow fletching, arrow tip replacement, and bowstring re-serving. For more advanced repairs, we recommend going to a specialty bow shop such as Shooter's Choice.

Will you tune my bow for me?

If you would like assistance with tuning your bow, consider taking one of our private archery lessons. Our head archery instructor has experience with bow tuning, and can help!

I just made my own equipment. Can I use it at your range?

All do-it-yourself equipment must be of high quality, must be created using reputable methods and materials, and must be inspected and tested by one of our senior staff before use. PVC pipe bows, sticks with twine, and other low-quality materials and equipment cannot be used on our ranges.

You are responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur due to the failure of your DIY equipment.

I don't have any throwing knives, but can I bring a kitchen or utility knife instead?

No. For safety purposes, all throwing weapons must be designed and built for throwing.