How much does it cost?

Current pricing for each of our activities can be found in both our pricing and book now sections.

Why can't I pay for my booking online?

Our booking system does not permit online payments for regular bookings. With the exception of lessons and certain special events, all payments are made in-person upon arrival at the Garrison.

Do I need to pay in advance?

We generally do not accept advance payment for bookings, with the exception of lessons and certain special events. This is to help reduce confusion should you arrive with a different number of people than you booked.

Do you accept all methods of payment?

Yes! We most commonly accept cash, credit, and debit payment. Alternative payment methods such as cheques are also accepted, and accommodations can be made for larger payments.

Can you take a deposit to guarantee my spot?

No need! As long as you are booked in, that spot is yours.