What is a membership?

Memberships are our way of providing people with unlimited 24-hour access to our facility for a one-time cost. Members can use our throwing and archery ranges at any time, and have access to member-specific equipment if they do not have their own.

Do I have to pay for anything while I am a member?

Memberships include free use of the archery range, throwing range, archery rental equipment, and throwing rental equipment. They also include most members-only events, such as competitions, workshops, and classes.

Memberships do not include private or group archery lessons, camps, bar services, or the purchasing of equipment.

Do I have to have archery or throwing experience to get a membership?

Absolutely not! As part of your membership, we will teach you everything you need to know to get started with both archery and throwing.

Do I have to have my own equipment to get a membership?

Nope! You will always have access to member-specific equipment, including an assortment of bows, arrows, axes, knives, armguard, and finger tabs. There is no additional cost in order to use this equipment.

Are memberships like lessons? Will you teach me everything?

Memberships are not lessons. We will provide basic training to you if you have minimal experience, but the purpose of a membership is to provide you with a safe indoor space where you can practice archery and throwing. If you are interested in learning more, consider taking our private or group archery lessons.

Can I bring a friend with me if they do not have a membership? Can I give them lessons?

You are allowed to bring a friend with you, but they must pay $20 during each visit in order to use the range and/or equipment. Be aware that you are responsible for their safety, behaviour, and any damages that they may cause.

Though you are free to show them the basics, all formal and recurring instruction must be done by Garrison staff.

How will I know if the range is busy or not?

As part of your membership, you will have access to the member section of our website. There, you will find updates about special events, as well as an up-to-date calendar containing booking and range availability information.

Please check the range availability calendar before arriving at the Garrison. During busier times, you may be informed that the range(s) are full, and that you will need to wait to use them until any active participants are finished.

I am under 18. Can I come by myself?

No. All people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. This includes when Garrison staff is on-site.

What is involved in getting a membership?

If you are interested in getting a membership, speak with one of our staff members. They will provide you with a detailed information package, as well as some forms for you to fill out.

After that, we will need to make sure that you can shoot and throw safely. If you do not have experience, we will teach you the basic techniques, along with all of the range and safety rules.

Before being given 24-hour access, you must be observed shooting and throwing by two different staff members. They are not judging your shooting or throwing skills, they are just looking at your ability to follow range safety rules, and checking to see if you have formed any unsafe habits.

Once they have both signed off, you will be given a full tour of our facility, and be granted 24-hour access as a full member.