Catering and Bar

Can I participate in weapon throwing after consuming alcohol?

Yes! Just be aware that we have a 2 drink limit. After ordering your third drink, you must cease throwing immediately.

Can I participate in archery after consuming alcohol?

No. Canadian law prohibits the consumption of alcohol both before and during archery-related activities. You are free to consume alcohol after you have finished, though.

Do you serve any hard liquors at your bar?

We do not currently serve hard liquors. Our bar has an assortment of beer, wine, and cider, along with non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks.

Do you serve anything non-alcoholic at your bar?

Yes! We offer coffee, tea, Gatorade, and other similar beverages. We also serve light snacks such as chips and nuts.

Do you serve food at your bar?

We do not have a kitchen. As such, we do not serve food at our bar beyond light bagged snacks. If you would like to have a meal while at the Garrison, you are free to bring your own food or catering services.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. Our liquor license does not allow for alcohol to be brought in from outside the Garrison.

Can I bring my own food or catering service?

Absolutely! If you are using a catering service, just be sure to let us know in advance.