What kind of rental equipment do you supply for archery?

Archery rentals include a bow, arrows, an armguard, and a finger tab/glove. Included on the range are a ground quiver, targets, and various games and scorecards for you to use.

Most of our bows are modern takedown recurves, though we do keep a supply of traditional-style equipment for teaching purposes. Bow draw weights range from 9lbs to 28lbs, though we will start most adults off between 18-24lbs.

Our arrows are primarily made of carbon fiber, and vary in size depending on which bow you are using. Each person is normally given 6 arrows to use. Armguards, finger tabs, and gloves are available in a variety of sizes, and are both modern and traditionally styled.

Can I consume drugs or alcohol while doing archery?

No. Canadian law prohibits the use or consumption of alcohol and/or drugs before or during archery. You will not be permitted to enter the archery range if you are under the influence of any such substances. This includes entering the range as an observer.

I already know how to do archery. Do you still have to teach me the basics?

Yes. Though you may already have archery experience, we need to be sure that you know not just how to shoot, but how to shoot safely in a range atmosphere. If you do not need to be taught, we will still need to observe your shooting to make sure that no unsafe habits have formed.

How is your range set up?

Our range is 18m in length, and contains 10 competition-width lanes (80cm each), each with their own ground quiver. There are 5 large foam targets, each of which move independently and are shared between 2 lanes.

Behind the firing line is a large table and some chairs, where you can keep your belongings while you shoot.