The Royal Garrison team is proud to be partnered with some of Guelph’s fun-factor sector! Who’s allied with the Royal Garrison team?


The Round Table is a wonderful, inclusive and creative gaming cafe, restaurant and bar located at 32 Essex Street in Guelph. Come see our rich medieval themed establishment for a casual night out or to book a function whether business or social, open or private! It’s Guelph’s first gaming cafe and it’s a whole new gaming experience.


Afterlife is the younger sibling to The Round Table and is located on 101 Wyndham Street in Guelph. Afterlife is a classy e-sports café and bar that houses both a modern and retro video game vibe for all players new and seasoned. Come sit down with Super Smash Brothers, take a swing on our Wii, or just sit and relax while enjoying a custom dessert, coffee or specially prepared alcoholic beverage and watch the latest game on our screens.


The Khronos Gauntlet is a deeply immersive and story driven series of real-life looking escape rooms located in the heart of downtown Guelph. More than simply puzzles and locked doors, their series of escape rooms draws you into stories with fully developed sets, props and fixtures, the likes of which are usually found only in Hollywood films.