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The Royal Garrison is Guelph’s hot spot for authentic archery and throwing axes. Our facility features a 60ft archery range, a 10/15ft range for throwing axes, knives and more! We have an immersive atmosphere that will influence your experience. If throwing weapons and shooting a bow isn’t enough for classic forms of exercise and entertainment, The Garrison also hosts several medieval and Olympic martial art-style classes.  We offer fencing, swordsmanship training, stage combat, armoring and private archery/throwing lessons for adults and youth alike!

So how does the Garrison work?

First, gather your friends, family, or colleagues and plan a date and time you wish to come. It’s a good idea to call in or make a reservation online at, especially during the work week. We have reservation time available below;

Walk-in Hours: (Just come on down and play!)
Friday 4pm-11pm
Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

Hours by Reservation: (Use our booking system and we’ll be there for you!)
Monday 4pm-11pm
Tuesday-Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday-Friday 10am-11pm
Saturday 10am-11pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Once you’re here, we’ll show you around, give you a quick overview of how we stay safe, help you fill out your waiver and then give you some really cool gear to play with! (Unless you bring you own which of course we always encourage!

Don’t have your own gear? That’s okay, we come fully stocked! We have left and right handed bows in just about every level of pull/draw weight as well as a selection of arrows and supplementary archery gear. We also have commador double head steel axes for throwing (which are included with your throwing range rental), daggers and kunai throwing knives! For a small upgrade fee we have cold steel viking throwing hawks too! Get real authentic with your inner medieval spirit!

After you’re done we’ll clean up! Don’t forget to give us your honest review on google, yelp or our Facebook as we love to hear your feedback!

If you had a great time and want to come back frequently check out our MEMBERSHIP options and gain all access all the time! Unlimited axe throwing sounds cool doesn’t it?

Did you say you teach classes?

We sure did! We have a large variety of classes running at varied times ever week!

  • Fancy some Fencing? Our local club the Royal City Fencing Club is the group to learn from for sure, they have competitive fencing Monday’s, youth training on Tuesday’s and adult classes for beginners on Wednesday’s all starting at 6pm.
  • Want to learn how to weird some serious steel like the knights of the old days? Check out our swordsmanship classes with Alexander on Sunday evenings!  You’ll start with practice swords while you get the foot work down, build some sword handling muscles and learn how to swing real steel!
  • Speaking of real steel, ever wanted to build your OWN suit of armour?  Our very own Isaak can teach you how! From shields to gauntlets our armorer extraordinaire is there to pound in the knowledge from over 800 years ago.
  • How about stage combat? Are you into theatre or acting and want to build up your resume? We’ve got that too! Stage Combat classes will build your inner fighter’s confidence on stage so the next time you duel the house Capulet you can yield a standing ovation!

Wait… is that it?

Oh no, we’re not done yet!  So The Royal Garrison is an archery range, a weapons throwing range, a place to learn Olympic fencing, sword fighting, armoring and stage combat….what else could you even offer?


That’s right! We have weekly leagues! On Tuesday’s we host our Viking Throwing Hawk league and on Wednesday’s we have our 12″ Kunai Knife Throwing league. Something old but very new and different. Throw some old style viking hawks or ruler sized steel knives at some giant chunks of wood and score some points to win a prize after 8 weeks of competition!  The competition runs every 8 weeks so sign up today and get into one of your pods!

The Royal Garrison has two great owners in Guelph!  The brainchild of Thomas Gofton (creator of The Round Table Board Game Cafe, Afterlife Video Game Lounge and Khronos Gauntlet Escape Rooms) along with the enabling strength and wisdom of Wayne Kurtz (multi-business creator and retired professional consultant).  Together with their stellar management team Isaac Stogryn and Garrett Stewart and our amazing staff of archers, throwing weapon experts and sword fighters we’re here to give you an alternative entertainment experience that feels new but is aged as old as time.

Welcome to the Garrison!