Opening Soon

We’re working hard to get the doors open to the public! Shipments of throwing weapons, bows, arrows and more are coming daily.  Walls are being erected, targets cut, blades sharpened and paperwork is being set up for your safety. We’re close, but not close enough for the holiday season.

We anticipate a soft opening during the week of the 27th of December.

How can I get involved?

You can buy your memberships now at our introductory low rates. Learn more about our MEMBERSHIPS and which one best suits your interest. Don’t wait too long, our memberships have a limited capacity due to the size of our facility.

Hour of Operation

We anticipate our hours changing based on demand but for now our initial hours of operation will be as follows;

Monday – Friday 4pm-10pm.

Saturday – 11am – 11pm.

Sunday – 11am – 8pm.

We WILL be open on holidays!  Just like a movie theatre. 

In early 2017 we will have a system in place to allow the archery and throwing weapons ranges to be accessed 24 hours!

Want more information?  Please CONTACT US!